Delivering Excellent And Accurate Transcription Services For The Medical Field

At Totalmed Transcription, you can surely obtain the most dedicated, advanced and efficient medical transcription service from the experts. We provide our service for almost all the sections of medical field including cardiology, oncology, nephrology, surgeries, ophthalmology, ENT, neurology, and others.

That means you can contact us for different types of medical transcriptions according to your requirements. We provide:

  • Medical Transcription Services for all accents. We have experts who have extensive experience in understanding even the most critical accents and transcript the voice recordings.
  • Multiple Types Of Medical Transcriptions for doctor’s offices, clinics, nursing homes, podiatrists, physical therapy, hand therapists, etc.
  • Complete integration into your EMR system. You can feel relaxed and let us manage your EMR platform. You can focus on your patients while our experts will take care of your EMR task.

Super Features Of Our Services

  • We provide high-quality transcription services at the most affordable cost.
  • We use all the latest technologies that help us to keep the matter simple and provide you with results that have zero-errors.
  • We have special quality checking procedure to ensure that each of the works we are doing is perfect and error-free before we finally send them to our clients.
  • We provide our services with the shortest turn-around time possible for this job.

To obtain our services and to know more about the same, please feel free to contact our help desk or email us with your queries.